Cheap dragon conversion

So we were Christmas shopping and happened to be in a Michaels when I stumbled across a bargain bin with some el cheapo toys. Among those toys was a whole bunch of dragons for $3 each. Here’s an example:

I thought it was a pretty decent dragon, except for the wings, and for $3? Well, a similarly sized dragon from WoTC might cost ten times that. Or more. So I bought two. Since I didn’t like the wings when I got home I cut the wings off one and epoxied on a set of wings I had lying around (yes, I have a dozen or so, maybe two dozen or so, sets of dragon wings just lying around….). Anyway, here’s the result:

That’s just a real quick and dirty paint job on the wings. I’ll probably end up priming and repainting the whole thing. Still, quite serviceable I think…


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