More stone walls

Here’s a couple stone walls using the same imprinted pattern for stones. The one on the left is a smaller wall, and more organic, suitable for a garden or to separate houses. The one on the right is intended to be a section of a building’s wall.

The one on the left is just plaster (actually dental plaster) cast from a clay mold I just whipped up. The one on the right has more effort behind it. First I made a two part mold out of sculpey clay, then baked the sculpey so I have a firm mold. I’ve made two casts from it so far and they came out really nice. The sculpey mold shows no signs yet of degrading. I used mold release on one cast but not the other and they seemed to work about the same well. I will be casting lots of these wall sections now, and will be using them to make larger buildings or even castle walls.


One thought on “More stone walls

  1. I’ve got six of each of these walls now. I figure six of the low walls should be plenty so I’ve recycled the clay for a new mold. The tall flat wall from the baked sculpey mold is still going strong. It’s degrading a bit, but I’ve started using demold fluid which should help keep it going for another six or so wall sections…

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