Hirst molds (52 & 74)

Here are two molds my wife got me for Christmas. Totally unused so far:

The one on the left makes this:

The one on the right makes this:

Of course you can make other things with them too, but these are what they are designed to make.

Each one takes about 20 complete castings of each mold to build the bridge or tower… Yeah. 20. Each casting takes at least half an hour, probably closer to 45 minutes, so the casting of the mold elements alone will take thirty hours to make both items. So don’t expect to see one or the other pictured here for a bit….


3 thoughts on “Hirst molds (52 & 74)

  1. Did two casts from each mold tonight. Leaves about 18 each to go. Takes a lot more plaster than I expected. Still, the first cast really turned out excellent. I did my best to follow directions exactly and I’m glad I did. Using these molds makes me realize how far I’ve got to go before I can really say I’m doing much with my own molds…

    Really happy with the results so far.

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