Yet another plaster conundrum…

So… I have the two molds I posted about below… And now I’ve done ten casts out of each mold. I’m taking a break to let them dry.

It’s not as much effort to do all the casting as you might think. It’s time consuming and messy, but not all that much work. The largest chunk of time is the mixing and pouring of the plaster (which is also the messiest chunk.) It probably takes between five and ten minutes to do that, depending on how efficient I am. Demolding the cured plaster items just takes a minute or so, you just pop them out. So the overall effort to cast ten copies of two molds was probably something on the order of an hour of work, with maybe six hours of waiting for the items to cure. But during that waiting I was working, walking the dog, eating, etc…

So not a whole lot of work invested.

So far.

Of course I still have to paint them and assemble them. There’s no way for me to know how long it will take to assemble something. And I have to wait at least 24 hours for them to dry. Probably should wait 48 hours since we keep the house fairly cool in winter. Maybe I’ll run a heater in here tonight…

Once they are dry I have a decision to make. That decision is “Should I assemble and paint the bridge, or should I create a custom mold from a few key blocks that I could use to build more things more quickly than using the bridge mold?”

See, the thing is that the bridge mold has some blocks that are identical to some of the blocks in other molds for building walls and steps. Since I had to cast ten copies, I’ve got at least ten copies of every block in the set, so I could make a custom mold that had ten long wall units, then I could cast walls to my heart’s content.

Or if I’m going to make walls that way, should I just go ahead and buy the “right” Hirst mold? Since I’m not reselling anything I don’t believe there’s any problem with making molds of blocks for my own use, but still I feel like making a mold like that isn’t really very nice to the folks at Hirst who make very nice molds. Plus I’ve got my own wall mold I’ve been using to cast my own wall elements (I have fourteen four-inch walls now). So I don’t really need the Hirst walls and I actually prefer the ones I am making since they are much thinner and don’t take up a full square to lay out a wall.

So I suppose I won’t make a mold for wall elements….

But what about floor elements?


I’ve been playing with another idea to have a steel rule die made so I can cut shapes out for my own use, but I don’t know how much a steel rule die costs….

The tower mold doesn’t have any obviously re-usable blocks, they are almost all shaped in an arc for building the walls of the tower, or fitting into the walls of the tower, so there’s no benefit I can see in making a mold from any of those elements…

It’s pretty cool, I’ve got a huge pile of blocks drying on my floor…

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