Fieldstone bridge

Here’s my first construction project from a Hirst Arts mold. This is from mold #74, the fieldstone bridge. This is the standard build. In fact it is as close to exactly the same as the Hirst standard bridge as I could do. Which is rare, I almost always will ad-lib something on a project of this size, but I didn’t this time.

Now I just gotta paint it.

I can make several versions of this bridge now. Shorter or longer, thinner or wider…longer and thinner… I don’t need to have the rails or the fancy details… I could make a long, thin bridge spanning a deep crevasse pretty easily.

Plus I have lots of leftover wall, arch and flooring pieces that I could use to make something, some ruins perhaps…

Anyway, don’t let the end result fool you. This was a pretty labor intensive effort. I had to cast the mold ten times, then glue together something like 140 pieces one at a time… The actual construction of the bridge took about two hours, and would have taken longer if I had the sense to let key components completely dry before moving on to new work…

Still, not too shabby I think. Definitely playable anyway.

Update: Well, here’s the first coat…


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