Building the wizard tower…

OK, I’m in the process of building the 4″ tower. I guess it’s not technically a wizard tower, but that’s how I’m viewing it anyway. I’ve got teh first four rows of blocks laid out and glued together, waiting for them to dry.

Here’s the thing though… I don’t like the building plans that are published for the mold. I have decided to modify them substantially. There are three things I am doing.

1. I am getting rid of the solid column that is used to anchor the steps. I felt it used up too much of the internal space. Of course that means I need some other way to stabilize the steps, so I created my own custom blocks to do that. It will be interesting to see how that turns out…

2. I don’t like the layout of the arrow slits. I think there should be two layers of arrow slits instead of just one layer. That means I have to rearrange the tower to have more floors. Since I’ve already redone the stairs, that means I’ve basically redesigned the stairs and floor layout, which is pretty much the whole interior of the tower… It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

3. I don’t like the stairs. I generally don’t like the stairs that are used in any 28mm RPG or wargaming layout. They are designed to “look right” for the terrain, but they are unusable by even a standard 28mm miniature figure. I’ve always that that was stupid. So instead of the staggered stairs which you can’t put a miniature on, I am doing the stairs the way I intend to do all stairs in my terrain from now on. That is pretty much a 1″ tread standard, which means the rise is twice as much as normal. In effect my stairs will look like giant sized stairs compared to the building, but they will WORK, meaning you can put your character on a step and leave it there. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

I won’t say I’ve totally redesigned the tower… But I’ve redesigned a whole bunch of it. As I said above, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.


2 thoughts on “Building the wizard tower…

  1. Before heading to bed last night I worked out the final bits for the first “floor” of the tower, and completed about 2/3 of the second floor. The first floor has stairs going up one circular wall to the second floor, which created all sorts of problems since I essentially created my own stairs technique. The second and third (and perhaps even fourth) floors won’t have stairs since stairs will interfere with arrow slits, leaving too much of the tower undefended. Even the stairs going from the first to second floor have an impact on the arrow slits since you can’t really put arrow slits where the stairs are coming up from the first floor.

    I’m trying to decide whether to have a “boss room” as the top floor, meaning the tower would have the entry floor, two floors with arrow slits and then the boss’s room at the top of the tower. It’s supposedly a wizard’s tower after all, so that sort of makes sense. But that would make the tower at least ten inches tall, which is taller than it is designed to be. I dont’ want it crashing to the ground… Of course I intend to glue it down to a firm base anyway…

    Also, if I do make a wizard’s boss room at the top, I’m probably going to try to figure out how to do something like a wrap-around balcony or figure out some other way to expand the top floor so that it’s a bit more luxurious for the boss. I don’t have pieces in the mold to do that so that would mean making my own custom pieces, but I’m more than willing to attempt that.

    I’m more than a bit concerned that this is going to become yet another all-consuming hobby. Its surprisingly fun to build this stuff, especially when you are designing it yourself.

  2. Working out the tower is turning out to be more difficult than I anticipated. I’ve got the first floor done and the exterior walls and floors of the second and third floors (both of which are essentially arrow-slit floors) but I still need to put the ladder in each of those floors. I’ll get that done tonight. The LAST floor is the boss room and that is turning out to be quite a challenge. I am having to invent windows and a balcony for the tower and it looks like I’m going to have to cast some custom pieces to create the balcony. Plus I am probably going to need about twice as many of the five inch radius walls (there is only one 5″ radius block in the mold, and it takes 12 to make one circle). The original plans only have the 5′ radius row put in as a decorative element on the very top of the tower, but I am planning on making an actual room of them, which means I’ll need at least three rows of them, preferably four. That means I need 48 blocks, but I only have 20. So I need 28 more. The easiest way to do that is to make a mold of just that block… but mold material is EXPENSIVE. I will probably try to make a temporary mold out of clay and see if I can cast what I need. I’ve done that for other bits and pieces, but I’m not sure it will work for an entire block…

    Or, I could just do 28 individual casts of the one block in the one mold….

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