Casting with Hydrostone…

So I now have the fifty pound bag of Hydrostone that I purchased at a local ceramics supply store for right at $30 with tax (and no shipping).

That compares to the over $55 I spent on 25 pounds of Excalibur, or the $10 I spent on 8 pounds of “Artplaster” or the $8 or so I spent on Lightweight Hydrocal.

Oh, well, look at that. I’ve spent $103 on plaster… Geez, I leak money sometimes… Still, at roughly a quarter per pound of Hydrostone, compared to well over a dollar a pound on the other products… looks like I’ve found an economical way to pursue this hobby going forward. I bought the Hydrostone a few days ago, but today was the first chance I’ve had to actually use it.

It’s pretty good stuff so far. I guess I won’t be absolutely certain it’s good stuff until it dries enough that I can paint and glue my first pieces of it, but at this point the results look remarkably similar to the Excalibur, and it’s slightly easier to work with.

Tonight I decided to start working on my own molds after all. As much as I would like to continue to purchase molds from Hirst, just because I like to support customer focused businesses which provide a quality product at a fair price, well, I still can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars more on their molds. The molds typically cost $35 or so, plus shipping, so $300 would only get you seven or eight molds (they do have a few cheaper, smaller molds). Well, I say “only” but in reality those seven or eight molds would let you create just about any setting your heart desired.

But it’s still $300…

So tonight I made a couple of items out of wood, then used clay to make a “proof mold” and then cast what will potentially become my “original” for items I’ll cast myself. They came out pretty nice really. So now I’m sort of sitting back with a bourbon and coke and contemplating what I want to make so I can make new molds and then cast to my heart’s content… After all, I’ve got about 65 pounds of plaster in my house that needs to be made into SOMETHING.


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