Where to go with Hydrostone…

Well, I did my first paint job on my Hydrostone casts last night. It painted very much like any other plaster, including standard plaster of paris and Excalibur. Which means it soaked up a ton of paint like a sponge. but it holds the paint well and after the base coat or primer it’s just like painting anything else. So my final evaluation of Hydrostone is that it is an excellent product to use for casting small items such as the Hirst molds.

In retrospect I sort of wish my wife had purchased two molds of the same stone pattern instead of one fieldstone (the bridge) and one cut stone (the tower). I can’t really mix the two so my options for creating varied terrain elements or buildings is very limited.

However, last night I was able to make a small fountain out of my leftover cast pieces from the tower. I’ll post a photo tonight. It’s pretty nice, actually.

But my whole approach to making stuff for gaming is now shifting from the mostly theoretical and experimental to the practical and needed, meaning I am moving towards working only on terrain elements that I need to complete my own campaign world.

That means finishing the following items:

1. The palace (still haven’t worked on this in over two months now)
2. Ft. Pringles (probably 2/3 done now, but the remaining 1/3 is the detailed part)
3. Random ruins (I’ve got several bits of this now, but just need to polish it off)
4. Random graveyard (I have all the elements, but haven’t put it together yet)
5. Random tavern (havent’ even started, and this will be a bear!)
6. Random huts, hovels and other dwellings (I’ve got about half a dozen huts/houses of various shape and size)
7. Temples (I have all the columns I need, I just need to decide if I’m going to cast more parts or just use foam core poster board).
8. Market square (I’ve got wagons, walls, etc… but nothing really put together yet)

Those will give me a pretty good set of reusable terrain elements that would fit into most campaigns. I still need to create the scene for the final boss confrontation, which will be a very involved bit of terrain building, including lots of elevated landscape, bridges, caverns, molten lava, etc…

Nobody ever accused me of thinking small….


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