More Hirst molds…

OK, so I have enjoyed using the molds my wife got me for Christmas so much that I ordered two more. The two molds I have are not designed to work together, one is “field stone” the other is “cut stone.” Although they would work together in terms of sizing, putting them together results in a bizarre combination of rustic roughness with architectural precision. The field stone mold is mostly straight pieces and arches, with no curved pieces. The cut stone mold is all curved pieces, not a single straight piece in the mix.

So I purchased a straight block cut stone mold and a tower field stone mold. That means I will be able to make walls and towers in both formats.

I don’t have any of the Hirst molds for doors, tables, barrels, etc. so I will continue to use my existing home made items for those.

I also still don’t have any floor pieces. I’m contemplating making some of my own. I’ve learned that it is actually quite difficult to make pieces with the precision necessary for this sort of building process though. Even a tiny bit of alignment or size problem is magnified with each row you put down until your “nearly perfect” tile ends up with an eigth of an inch alignment problem in your room… Which is more than enough to be noticeable.

So I may end up purchasing their floor tiles too. We’ll see.


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