In a re-organizing phase again…

So, the reason there has been a lull in posting is that I have entered another cleaning/re-organizing phase of my obsessive behavior pattern…. After turning my room into a veritable plaster cave in the casting of and building with the Hirst blocks, I finally decided that I couldn’t continue to dance and dodge around the floor just to get to the other side of the room…

So… went out and bought some plastic containers, brought in a big table, picked up, cleaned up and organized (and am still not complete)… so not much creativity lately.

I wonder sometimes what a time-lapse photo of a year of my life would look like… It would be a series of long continuous buildup of tools, materials and debris, followed by a sudden explosion of cleanliness, almost immediately returning to the buildup again…

I suppose I should do something about that, but in reality there are more important things I should fix about myself than that…

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