New Hirst mold casts

I got the new Hirst molds in and did my first casts tonight. One is just rectangular blocks that match the 4″ tower, so there’s not much to see there until I build something interesting. But the other is a 6″ fieldstone tower and I cast enough to show how big around the new tower will be. Here is the first 4″ tower inside the first row of 6″ tower blocks:

Oh yeah, you can also see a door I sculpted for the old tower that hasn’t been glued in or painted yet. It’s just a test fit for now.

And here are some shutters I sculpted for the tower windows. I made four pairs of these.

And finally, here are the molds themselves:

Now it’s just a matter of the drudgery of casting and then building…

Incidentally, the first casts I used the old Artplaster stuff, which is basically just plaster of paris. I had forgotten how poorly that stuff mixed, poured and set compared to the Excalibur or Hydrostone. I just wanted to use it up since I probably will never use regular plaster of paris again. Especially since I could not get all the bubbles out and in de-molding them more than a couple broke. I’ve been spoiled by the good stuff…


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