Yleris, as PF druid

OK, so I have pretty much settled on the Pathfinder conversion of my 3.5 druid, Yleris, the half-elf/half-dryad who was a ranged blaster druid in 3.5.

Since we are using pretty much only core Paizo content (Pathfinder Rule Book, Advanced Player Guide, Ultimate Magic…) there is very little “blasting” that druids do. So I had briefly considered developing a custom archetype but finally decided that takes too much toll on player/GM time, especially since we are near the end of our current campaign, and I frankly don’t know when I’ll get a chance to play Yleris again. Which is a shame since she’s such an awesome character to role play…

So instead I just went with a “lion shaman” with a tiger flavor instead of lion.

Other than that I did a straight conversion of attributes, feats, skill ranks, etc. only modifying what was different in PF from 3.5 (e.g. things like favored class bonuses to hit points or skill ranks). So she has retained her Point Blank feat tree feats (PB, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Many Shot), meaning she is mostly going to be summoning cats and then shooting her bow as her animal companion and summoned cats engage in melee.

Because she is a tiger shaman, she can summon cats as a standard action instead of a full round action, that helps a lot. Using her lesser rod of metamagic “extend” her cats have a duration of 16 rounds, which is more than the vast majority of fights.

She probably won’t wild shape much, and that’s probably good since her stats (e.g. strength of 10) are not really conducive to wild shape melee battle. But I think she’ll do OK. Although it may be a long time before she does anything but hike back to town after our last big boss fight.

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