Casting madness…

Well, another day of casting madness… I probably cast fifteen or so sets of blocks from my new molds, and I still don’t have enough to build the 6″ fieldstone tower. I’m getting close, I have 20 sets now, and the tower, as designed by Hirst anyway, takes 24 mold castings of the 6″ fieldstone tower mold.

I’ve used up all my Artplaster and am now using Hydrostone exclusively. I am hanging onto my Excalibur, although I probably won’t hang on that long since plaster products don’t store well. Still I want to save the Excalibur for special projects since it is tougher and more expensive than the Hydrostone.

I think I can do four more casts tonight, meaning that giving them 48 hours to dry I could potentially be building the 6″ tower by Wednesday night.

Since I’m casting all the straight cut stone blocks at the same time, which is ten 1″ blocks and four 1/2″ blocks, I’ll have 24 sets of those as well, along with a random number of 4″ cut stone tower blocks so I can start making some stuff with the straight stones too.

I am seriously considering making some large block molds of my own so I can build larger objects more quickly than individually assembling 1″ blocks. I’m thinking of making some 3″ long segments that interlock so that I can cast large wall segments which could make it much, much easier to build a large building.

The other thing I’m thinking about casting are some large “Roman architecture” style blocks that I can use to combine with my significant collection of ionic pillars to create some temples or ruins with a classic look to them.

For my own world I eventually will need something that looks “elvish”. I may have to design that myself… Which would be just another project to suck up my time. 🙂


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