Status report…

I have been slow in posting updates lately. Several reasons for that, top of the list being lots of stuff going on at work and in real life. Trying to get our house on the market for one thing…

Still, I’ve been steadily working on casting blocks for building yet more buildings, towers, bridges, etc… I’ve got four plastic bins filling up with blocks of various types. I also went on a buying binge and purchased five more Hirst molds. They’re like an addiction of some sort… Probably should be on the governments addictive substances list…

Four of the molds are for underground caverns, including one which is just the cavern floor tiles. One mold is an accessories mold which includes things like crates, barrels and various items that can be placed around in a cavern, dungeon or even just a building.

I am strongly considering purchasing an additional set of molds with the “gothic” theme. If I did I would end up with four different style of blocks I could cast to represent different cultures in my campaign world.

Although I have cast all the pieces required to make the standard six inch radius fieldstone tower. I’ve dry fit the first five or six rows a couple of times to play with some options for doorways and arrow slits, but I haven’t yet actually begun construction of the tower. That’s mostly because I don’t have a campaign need for that tower right now, and there are some other things I need sooner.

So, one of those things is a ruined temple. This is something that I discussed with one of my GMs as a piece that would be nice for his campaign. Since I’m not actually running a campaign of my own right now, I am more than happy to try to help another GM with terrain they can use. The temple is just a prototype to see if the basic concept works in his campaign. If it does there may be more bits to add later.

I did make my first custom mold this week. No big deal, I just wanted some three-inch segments of cut stone to make building things faster. So I glued five sets of three one inch blocks and then used my silicon RTV mold material that’s been sitting around for months and made a mold. Last night I cast my first blocks and they came out fine. So that will greatly increase the speed of creating cut stone blocks for making walls and stuff.

Next I’m going to complete some more custom sculpted doors and windows and make another mold using the last bit of silicon mold material I have.

I should post some pics… pics are always better than a wall of words…

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