Unexpected windfall…

So in my 4e game today, the GM unexpectedly surprised me with several miniatures that he doesn’t have time to paint, and some nice Citadel paintbrushes. Thanks Raevhen!

Too late to take any photos, but I’ll try to get some posted tomorrow. One is a Ral Partha dragon that has a distinctively old-school D&D look to it. I like it. I’m trying to decide whether to make a mold and cast copies. There was also a pegasus with awesome wings.

The GM of one of my Pathfinder campaigns and I talked about some custom terrain so I’ve been working on creating some ruins by partially casting blocks so they can be placed on a flat surface and appear to be sunken into the ground, or broken. I did a dry-fit of a ruined section of tower and it looks pretty nice so far.

I’ve been casting a bunch of cavern terrain and some accessories. Pics of those tomorrow too, if I can. time for bed now.

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