Legendary Heroes and villains of Hudbyd

In the world of Hudbyd, there were great heroes who fought demons and evil wizards to eventually restore the race of dwarves from the genocide they had suffered. Among those heroes was the first dwarf to be resurrected and three other great champions who descended into the abyss itself to fight the demon lords and wizards who dwelt there.

Those champions were:

Ceorl the wizard. Greatest of wizards in myth and legend, Ceorl was the leader of the legendary Dwarvenwyrd heroes. Half elf and half human, Ceorl mastered the most powerful arcane forces and cast the final spell which imprisoned the evil wizard Arnot, the most powerful of the evil wizards allied with the demons.

Drax the defender. Mightiest in combat, Drax defeated the great demon lord in hand to hand combat.

Forkovr the dwarf. First raised and mightiest of dwarven warriors. Forkovr was rewarded for his great sacrifice, courage and battle prowess by being raised to demigod status. Forkovr now has his own followers and is rumored to appear from time to time, most commonly in taverns with buxom wenches aplenty. The town of “Forkovr” on the Singing River is named in his honor.

Dane the divine. Part warrior, part healer, Dane’s mastery of the blade was equaled by his healing powers. Dane raised the first dwarves and without his divine healing, the Dwarvenwyrd would never have been undone.

Azmodeus – Demon Lord, nuff said.

Arnot – Evil elven wizard bent on world domination, has total and complete hatred of all things dwarven. Leader of ring of evil wizards who perpetrated Dwarvenwyrd on the world. Rumored to be immortal. Currently thought to be imprisoned by Ceorl’s binding spell.

Elwe – Insane human wizard whose unpredictable nature and powerful abilities cause nations to tremble.

Aaron – Evil human death cultist who sometimes partners with Elwe and is rumored to be Arnot’s most trusted servant.

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