Painted cavern dry fit

Just messing around with painted blocks.

I had deliberately painted the stalagmites a different color than the floor so that the walls would stand out to enhance tactical maneuvering, but now I’m thinking they are TOO different.


10 thoughts on “Painted cavern dry fit

  1. Yeah, I sorta agree from the picture, but it’s really not nearly that blue in real life. For some reason the tiny bit of blue I put in to darken the gray really came out in the picture. It’s much more of a dirty gray in person.

  2. I’ll take another look tonight. I was trying to make the floor a dark, dirty gray. But in the photos it definitely looks blue. In normal room lighting I thought it looked gray enough. But after a few days of not seeing it, I’ll have fresh eyes tonight.

    (Interestingly, looking at the photo on my work computer, it doesn’t look nearly as blue as it does on my home computer…)

  3. Heh… I was going to comment on your blog that you haven’t posted but the one post so far… And Mr. SilentArbiter hasn’t approved my comment on his blog either…

    I will have a blog post up tonight. I’ve been really, really busy at work. 50+ hours and still going strong. April’s going to be a bad month for me.

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