Navigation issue

Huh… so I just noticed that my “older” and “newer” links have disappeared from the bottom of my blog. They reappear (and also appear at the top) if you choose a category, but if you are viewing the blog’s main page with all categories visible, there is no way to navigate to older posts.

I am pretty sure that used to work. Not sure why it stopped, nor what to do about it. On my other self-hosted wordpress blog I’d just edit the appropriate php file, but that’s not doable here.

Anyone have any ideas?


6 thoughts on “Navigation issue

  1. This might be related to the number of posts displayed per page — I noticed that if I scroll down and attempt to look for those links, that a new batch of posts is loaded instead. What do you have it set at?

  2. My settings->reading page says:

    “Front page displays:
    Your posts
    A static page (the only listed page is “About).”

    Then it says “Syndication feeds show the most recent ____ items” with the ____ set to “10”.

    Then a bunch of stuff about following the blog or a post.

    Nothing about the number of posts to show on a page.

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