Campfires, buckets, skulls and bags

These are all from the “cavern accessories” mold from Hirst Arts. I should have taken the time and trouble to paint them different colors. I’ll do my next batch different colors so I can mix and match them and it’s not so obvious that I painted them all at the same time…

Big crates with lids

These are big crates. Well, big for game purposes. These would be big enough for a medium character to hide inside. They aren’t quite 1″ cubes. The lids are one of the hardest items I’ve cast with the Hydrostone. They are thin and have deep cuts to represent the different boards, and so they break very easily… Most of the ones I have were broken when I dropped my tray full of “cavern accessories” about three feet to the floor. I had to glue them and many other things back together again. Lesson for the wise… don’t stack your plastic containers three feet high and expect them to never fall over…

The hag’s hut

This was supposed to be an ogre hut, but I made it too low, so it’s a hag’s hut now. I’ll have to make another ogre hut.

This is made from the six inch fieldstone tower mold from Hirst Arts. The roof is just a temporary roof made of charcoal foam.

Unlike the vast majority of stuff I post on this blog, this hut has actually been used in an actual game!