Elania Campaign 1: Session 2 Notes

Upon waking up in the morning, Lieutenant Rovell reminded the party that he would like to take them to meet Captain Kane. The party refreshed their spells, healed up and then joined Rovell and the two remaining soldiers on their trip back to Elania.

During the trip a group of soldiers wearing “Rovell blue” colors joined the party. The leader of that group rode with Lieutenant Rovell and the two appeared to be in an animated and sometimes heated conversation. As they proceeded north the leader of the new group of soldiers sent a soldier along with any citizen traveling south on the road. By the time they reached Elania, the party was accompanied by seven soldiers.

The soldiers pointed out the public stables on the north end of town, then Lieutenant Rovell reminded the party that he would like them to meet Captain Kane and suggested a meeting at 9:00 the following morning in the Inn’s eating area. The party agreed to this, headed north to the pubic stables and returned their horses. Halmod stabled his pony there for the night.

As they were arranging things at the stables, Stonehand asked about the local dwarves, and was shown a large granite outcropping to the north of town, on the east side of the road, which had been carved by the dwarves into a miniature dwarven city called “Gryggstebyn”.

After returning to the Inn and arranging rooms the party ate and discussed local events with the Inn keeper. Hearing a steady noise of cheering, laughing and applauding coming from a large cylindrical building across the street from the Inn they were told that the newly opened local theater was in session and that Devin Millesor, the world-renowned playwrite and actor, was performing a new play that evening, and that pretty much the entire town was in attendance.

Paxton decided to head to his room for the evening, Halmod was itching to determine the properties of the magic items they had collected from the orcs, Talon was ready for a relaxing evening and Stonehand wanted to bring news of the slain dwarf to the dwarves at Gryggstebyn. After a short discussion Stonehand walked up the nearly deserted streets to Gryggstebyn where he was welcomed as a lost brother. His news of the slain dwarf was met with alarm and deep concern. Taken to an ancient dwarf inside the bowels of Gryggstebyn Stonehand delivered the message and handed over the documents and effects he had gathered from the slain dwarf. The ancient dwarf thanked him for his kindness and asked if Stonehand was aware of the “Dwarvenbane” legend. When Stonehand admitted he knew nothing of the legend the old dwarf muttered a complaint about how the new generation of dwarves were dangerously uneducated in the history of dwarves, and asked Stonehand to leave. On the way out the guard told Stonehand that the “Dwarvenbane” was a being or beings that had been associated with the original Dwarven genocide.

Walking back to the Inn, Stonehand was suddenly attacked by a strange humanoid being. The being was tall and lanky, with horns and strange protrusions on his arms and back, and a large blister or pustule on his chest filled with milky liquid. Luckily for Stonehand, the initial attacks were ineffective, but in the ensuing hand-to-hand combat, the monstrous humanoid struck a single blow that did major damage to Stonehand. At that point Stonehand wisely decided to disengage from the being and rush back to the hotel for help. The being did not pursue him.

Hearing Stonehand’s shouts for help Talon and Halmod met him in the lobby, and the three of them then went to Paxton’s room where, after a short delay associated with odd sounds of moving furniture, Paxton applied a healing salve to Stonehand’s wound. (The less said about that salve the better.)

Talon went outside and saw a pair of guards who appeared to be patrolling the city and brought them to the Inn to talk to Stonehand. They first investigated the scene of the attack, and then came to the Inn where they talked with the party. After a short conversation one guard left to bring the news to Captain Kane and the other stayed behind to keep guard on Stonehand. The party then convened in Halmod’s room to work out the treasure.

Halmod, with Paxton’s help, determined that the magical ring was a “Ring of Force Shield” and that ring was given to Talon, after Stonehand declined. The magical armor was determined to be unusable by anyone in the party. The magical gloves were determined to be “Gloves of arrow snaring” and also went to Talon after Stonehand declined. Three potions were determined to be “Cure Light Wounds” potions. Finally the belt proved to be a difficult test for Halmod’s skills. Eventually he determined that the belt provided some boost to the wearer’s strength, but that there was something “blocking” the belt’s powers. This was a completely new phenomenon for the party. Eventually Stonehand put the belt on and discovered that while he noticed no difference in his abilities or skills, he could now not remove the belt. Paxton made a vague comment about hearing about such “legendary” items which provided magical powers or effects, but which required some action or activity to “unlock” the powers.

About this time a knock came on their door and upon opening the door the party finally met Captain Kane himself. Kane listened to the story and seemed to agree with the ancient dwarf’s interpretation of events. Asking the party why they had come to Elania in the first place, Talon stated that they had come after seeing a poster in Three Oaks asking for adventurers or mercenaries. Kane then asked who was the party’s primary melee fighter, and when told that was Stonehand, he challenged Stonehand to a short combat exercise.

After first failing to throw Kane, and being thrown himself, Stonehand then successfully tripped Kane to the ground twice. Upon getting to his feet and dusting himself off, with a wry smile Kane invited them to meet him the next day. Kane also left three guards behind.

The party then went to sleep. Upon awakening they ate breakfast with Lieutenant Rovell who mentioned that he had received Captain Kane’s displeasure at losing six good soldiers. He seemed to be subdued and distracted, but reminded the party to be at the palace at 9:00. This irritated the party’s alchemist who wanted to visit the magic shops in the town which opened only an hour earlier.

This ended the session.


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