Elania Campaign 1: Session 3 Notes

After a night under the “protection” of Captain Kane’s guards, the party awoke and spent the early morning shopping and scouting the town. Stonehand wisely stayed with the party and there was no repeat of the previous night’s attack. After negotiating the exchange of goods and gold for new equipment, the party met at the Rovell palace with Captain Kane.

The Rovell palace is a gleaming white marble structure three stories tall and nearly the size of the city hall. The roof is ringed with a wire fence and guards patrol the roof. The grounds are also fenced in and guards patrol the grounds. Atop the center of the building is a large dome of some clear material.

The party was taken into the main hall, whose ceiling stretched two stories with stairs on each side. On the east side of the hall two large sets of heavy wooden doors were set, with the northern doors slightly ajar. The party was taken through those doors into a large room filled with shelves packed from floor to ceiling with books, manuscripts, scrolls and artifacts. The room smelled of flowers and musty old mold.

At a large table in the middle of the room a distinguished older human sat at the head of the table in deep conversation with a group which included Captain Kane; two nearly identical large middle-aged soldiers dressed in impeccable Rovell blue officers’ uniforms; a waif-like but elegantly dressed elf woman; an elderly dwarf who Stonehand believed was the lead dwarf in Gryggstebyn; an elderly man dressed in robes with arcane symbols, and finally a robust man dressed in simple robes who immediately introduced himself as Devin Millesor, the actor.

The distinguished elder gentlemen introduced himself as Lord Rovell, and introduced the two soldiers as his twin sons. Lieutenant Rovell’s face twitched at the introduction but he said nothing. Lord Rovell indicated that he had asked to meet the party due to Stonehand’s battles with the strange being and he questioned the party keenly, making notes as he did so. Finally he dismissed the party and Captain Kane escorted them across the hall and into a small office where he eventually convinced the party to join his “special forces”. As he did this he also deftly demoted Lieutenant Rovell by assigning him the duty of leading the party to locate the bandit camp so the party could clean out the bandits once and for all.

After a short lunch the party again acquired horses (and ponies) and headed south down the pristine stone road to Three Oaks. Upon reaching the location of their previous bandit encounter from a few days previous, Lieutenant Rovell scouted around and led the party into the woods to the west. Not far from the road they were attacked by the strange being who had attacked Stonehand. During the fight the being seemed to summon another strange red-skinned, horned monster and the party was hard-pressed, with Stonehand getting separated from the group and nearly being killed before the party managed to find him and defeat the beast, who simply disappeared upon realizing the fight was lost.

After healing up the party continued on until camping, encountering a strange large old goblin-like creature who preached to them about the coming “day of two suns” and the “return of the One.” Eventually the party tired of the sermon and not wanting to camp in the presence of a potential foe, chased him down and killed him (although he did not attempt to fight back). Upon his “death” the goblin-thing manifested as a ghost and continued to harangue the party before eventually ascending into the heavens.

After dark Lieutenant Rovell continued his practice of examining the skies and making notes in his notebook. Then they camped for the night, only to discover upon awakening that Paxton/Ruprecht had vanished and that Stonehand was being summoned to return to Gryggsbetyn for further interrogation about the demonic beast which seemed intent on his destruction.

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