Elania politics: The Rovells

Elania has been for ages a fairly typical Ariadoran city-state, ruled by the remnants of the ancient Hanorian feudal system. Of the many dukes, lords and barons of the area, only two families can trace their ancestry back to the Hanorian feudal lords, and those two have been fighting for control of Elania and the surrounding area for generations. Those are the families of Rovell and Caston.

The patriarch of the Rovell family is Lord Geltran Rovell. Geltran’s age is not known but he has outlived at least three wives. Currently unmarried he is rumored to spend a lot of private time with the female elf mage, Farlirion. From his previous wives Lord Rovell has five sons and two daughters. While bastard children are rumored to exist, none are openly acknowledged by the family, although some who have claimed bastardy have been punished harshly. Geltran Rovell is known to have a passionate love of books, scrolls and other texts. His age has slowed his body, but his mind is reported to be sharp as ever. His home has welcomed sages of all races for generations and the name Geltran Rovell is held in respect from Amroth to the Domishar. For many years it was whispered that Geltran lacked the heart to fight and that the Castons would eventually destroy his family. All that changed when Geltran hired Captain Kane from the Amroth palace guard to run his army and police.

Of Geltran’s five sons only two are known to survive, Tam and Arnot. Two others were killed in battle before marrying and a third vanished soon after his mother died. Tam is now mostly thought of as a drunkard, driven to the bottle by his father’s unreachable expectations. Arnot remains Geltran’s right hand man and is a constant presence in the palace wherever Geltran is. Geltran’s daughters Bess and Feather also live in the palace, but have remained maidens their entire lives.

Tam’s twin sons Gart and Trey are both currently serving in the military, as all Rovell sons must do. Gart is the Eastern marshal and his troops patrol the eastern front, ranging all the way to Flattop in search of Caston forces, brigands or evil races. Gruff and direct, Gart is thought in the town to be Captain Kane’s favorite officer. Gart led the final charge against Caston forces in the Battle of Flattop and personally slew Orsen Caston which finally routed the Caston forces. Trey is his grandfather’s spiritual heir. He remains unmarried and spends most of his time studying with Sasil Tomba, Lord Rovell’s royal mage.

Arnot has one son, Karel. Karel is a young man whose first military assignment ended at the Battle of Flattop where his squad was routed by Caston forces supported by ice trolls. Rumors in the town are that Karel’s rout nearly cost the Rovell forces their northern flank in the final battle, but Gart’s brutal assault did not give the Caston forces time to exploit the temporary Rovell opening. Karel was reassigned to patrolling the relatively safe lands between Elania and Three Oaks. Recently Karel’s squad was ambushed and decimated by orcs only to be saved by passing adventurers. Karel was then reassigned as a scout and given the assignment to track the location of bandits in the area for Kane’s special forces.


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