OK, so I am cooking again on the terrain front. Pics to follow, probably tonight.

After months of rather tedious and labor-intensive casting of blocks using both the Hirst Arts molds, and molds I’ve made myself, I now have so many cast blocks that it’s actually sort of silly. But What I don’t have is a lot of usable terrain. I have a couple of individual items, but they were made more to test my skills as a plaster architect than anything else.

No longer. I have embarked on a rather ambitious project to create a wide variety of modular elements for making terrain. My initial approach is centered on classic dungeon-crawl terrain, meaning hallways and rooms of fieldstone. Fieldstone is a great medium to start with because it is probably the most forgiving of all the blocks when it comes to alignment issues, bubbles, chips, etc.

I went and checked out several types of modular dungeon sets, including those made of Hirst blocks and the much more expensive Dwarvenforge sets. Having finally settled on a floor tile layout and having designed and made molds of corner and intersection pieces, I’m now busily casting and gluing the modules together.

So far I have nineteen three-inch hallway sections and by tonight I’ll have more, plus six corners and five intersection pieces. I’m busily casting more as I type this, the floor tiles are very simple to cast and I think the molds came out great.

Once I’ve got a good set of modular hallway pieces I will decide whether to also make some modular room components too. I used up about $25 worth of mold compound to make the floor tile molds I have, and I would need at least that much more to make more molds for the rooms. However, doing so would make room building ridiculously easy. It’s really a cost issue more than anything else.

Regardless, I’ve now got a direction and am plowing through making stuff. I still need to make a final decision on how high to make the dungeon walls, and I am leaning more an more towards a 1.5″ high wall. I need to decide since I don’t want to start painting until that decision is made. Some modular elements I’ve seen are as much as 2.5″ high. That would seem very difficult to see into or to manipulate your miniatures…

More to follow. As Drudge would say “Developing….”


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