Some photos

Here’s a “player’s eye” view of a quick layout of my modular dungeon blocks (unpainted). The point to this photo is to ask if the walls should be higher.

And here’s an overhead view of the same layout. It’s interesting that this is the result of an amazing amount of work, and it comes out to a rather modest sized dungeon. I’ve got a lot more casting and gluing to do before I have anything like a real set of modules. Still, it’s a start. I’d say this used up about 70% of my completed modular elements at the time (I’ve made another 11 hallway units since then).

And this is just an old photo of a simple cavern layout. I’m posting this one because the flash photo of the cavern I took and posted before was considered to have floor tiles that were “too blue” and looked like they were underwater. This is taken without the flash and color balanced so it’s pretty close to actual colors:


7 thoughts on “Some photos

  1. So, I am still working through all of this. Most of the modular dungeons I’ve seen just ignore roofs and the players are expected not to metagame I suppose. In some cases the GM will lay out all the modular pieces and cover some up with black cloth, revealing it as you go, but that’s got it’s own logistical problems. In some cases the modules are put down as you go.

    I haven’t exactly figured out how I’m going to do it yet. I am considering making entire rooms as modules so that I can put down a hallway or a room when you open a door. But I don’t want to interrupt the game either.

  2. Yeah… not sure about black construction paper. Not in normal sizes anyway. I think I need large sheets that I can cut down, not small sheets I have to tape together. Some folks use black cloth. I am considering just laying down blocks as you go. If my modules are large enough, that might be the best solution. I am considering making individual rooms as complete units. I could then just plop down a room when you open a door. The hallways are very quick to put down. It’s the rooms that are more of a problem. But making entire rooms one piece reduces the flexibility of the system… I’ll try to show you what I mean the next time we play. IF there IS a next time.

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