The big cave…

So, last night I completed the painting and assembling of The Big Cave, my first subterranean bit of terrain. It’s a 12×20 inch (60×100 foot in game terms) cave with an underground lake. I couldn’t glue it down because you can’t glue wet blocks. I’ll glue it tonight when I get home. If I get home. We are down a car and my daughter was supposed to pick me up from work today, but she called in sick, so I’m not sure I have a ride or not… But that’s not game related.

Anyway, it’s a very simple cave, but should be large enough to do something reasonably interesting, and definitely should be large enough for a decent battle. I hesitate to take a photo because some of my players read this blog, but I might. I mean what is it gonna hurt? They’ll see it as soon as I plop it down on the table anyway.

It wasn’t a big deal to make, but it used a lot of my blocks. I am continuously amazed by how many blocks it takes to do anything at all. Making these underground blocks is a pain because besides all the effort involved in mixing the plaster, pouring it, scraping it, demolding it and finally cleaning the molds, these blocks require pasting elements together and they never fit exactly right, they chip when you try to put them together and the glue always seeps out and messes up the block. Once you get glue on the plaster, it messes up the painting since paint adheres to the plaster much, much better than to the glue, which results in fades splotches on the finished block wherever you happened to spill the glue.

Also, it’s easy to forget when you are putting the finished but unpainted blocks that you spent hours casting and assembling the dang things.


One thought on “The big cave…

  1. So I glued down all the perimeter walls. I couldn’t bring myself to glue down the interior walls since that commits me to a single design for the cave. However, not having the interior walls glued down creates some game play issues, both in the time needed to set them up and the tendency for the walls to get knocked over during play. So, as usual, I’m torn.

    Maybe a photo tonight. With the interior walls not locked down I can take a photo that really doesn’t commit me to a final design anyway. So mebbe I will.

    I think it came out pretty nice, but I am never entirely satisfied with anything I do. I always come up with better ways to do the same thing and end up being frustrated with the things I didn’t like the first time I did it. In this case I glued the pieces down onto white foam core poster board without realizing that the gaps between the floor tiles would be glaringly obvious, so I had to end up squirting ink through the gaps to darken the areas exposed, and of course that meant some spillage, leakage or just poor aim ended up with some dark blotches on the floor. But the floor’s pretty dark anyway, so I don’t think it is very noticeable.

    And again I am always sort of dismayed by how little space you get for the amount of effort put into it. But then again, when we actually play I am usually surprised by how little space you actually need, so it should all work out OK. I think it will work well for an interesting underground encounter.

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