How much am I spending on this hobby?

I suppose as hobbies go, role playing games is not a terribly expensive one. Especially when compared to other hobbies I have, or have had. Photography, amateur astronomy, golf, fishing, boating and playing guitar all come to mind as hobbies I have spent quite a bit of money on over the years.

But still… As I have been making terrain lately, I have come to realize that I’ve got quite a bit of money invested in this hobby.

A quick rundown with some off-the-top-of-my-head estimates of money spent are:
– Books and dice: Probably $300 or so overall. I am glad that PF lets me buy .pdfs.
– Subscriptions: Probably $400 or so over the many years that I’ve subscribed to magazines, online upddaets, etc.
– Miniatures: Not counting all the tools covered below, I’ve spent at least $500 on miniatures
– Tools/paints/materials: Easily $250
– Molds: Yeah, this one hurts. $300 and counting
– Plasters: $250 and counting
– Digital gaming table: $150 (a bargain I think)
– Bags, boxes, containers: $200 (yeah, more than I realized too)

So total that all up and you get close to $2,500 I’ve spent over the years on this hobby. Most of that is in the past two years and the vast majority of it in the past ten years.


So, for all that money I’ve got the following assets:
– Digital gaming table (I still think this is really, really cool)
– 2,000+ miniatures (which sell on eBay for an average of at least $1 per miniature)
– A dozen or so finished terrain elements (I could probably sell the wizard’s tower on eBay for $100)
– Several drawers full of cast blocks to make more stuff
– A shelf full of books
– A bunch of custom designed miniature carrying cases

If I sold it all I could actually probably make a profit. My terrain plus all the blocks would probably net me close to a thousand dollars if I sold it intelligently, plus another couple grand for my miniatures.

Now, compared with my other hobbies, that’s more than I’ve spent for guitars or golf, but quite a bit less than I’ve spent for fishing, boating, shooting, amateur astronomy or photography.

Still, it’s probably a whole lot more than I should have spent.


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