Well, of course we all knew this was coming…

I am going to sculpt some custom blocks to work with the Hirst molds I already have. Then I am going to make molds of my custom blocks and treat them the same as my Hirst molds. Yesterday I purchased some of the same mold material that Hirst uses.

My first mold will be to work with the fieldstone dungeon blocks. Right now I can only make straight corridors and right-angle turns. I am going to create some curved walls so I can have a more organic look to my dungeons. That way I can have odd shaped rooms, curving hallways, etc. I’m also going to make some archways to fit my doors and some custom floor tiles.

My second mold will be to create some cavern segments such as stalactite dangling archways or stalagmite floor pieces which are intended to be stand alone. Also I want some more flexible wall elements for my caverns. I like the Dwarvenforge cavern wall blocks much more than the Hirst ones, so I’ll use those as models.

If I have enough mold material for a third mold I will work on some accessories like beds, chests of drawers, tables, chairs, etc. If my hydrostone is too fragile for those I can always use resin and make much sturdier ones.

I will be making the “originals” which will become the basis for my molds out of Sculpey clay which I will “carve” with my rotary grinding tool and some files.

Should be fun. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Well, of course we all knew this was coming…

  1. I am real close to having my set of blocks created. I’ve got six 4″ radius fieldstone blocks, one 5″ radius block, two 1/2 length blocks and one “transition” block which would allow me to transition from a straight wall to a round wall. All I need now is a curved floor element and I’ll have all of the needed blocks to create a 4″ radius fieldstone tower. I’ll make that block tonight. Then I’ll seal them all, make my mold dam and glue them down so I can mix and pour the mold material tonight. So by the time I go to bed tonight I should have a new mold which will allow me to create 4″ radius fieldstone towers.

    One of the benefits of this is that it will also allow me to have towers which have variable radii. That means I can have corner towers that are 4″ radius at the height of the wall, but which expand to 6″ radius at a higher level. That is actually a fairly common castle design in the real world.

    Of course the question then is whether I’ll ever actually have the time needed to build such a castle…. but that’s a different issue.

  2. Well, mold is created. It came out OK. A couple of tiny bubbles that I’m not sure will be a problem or not until I actually cast with it. I’ll be doing a test casting here when my next meeting is over. (Working from home today.)

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