Re-evaluation of goals/approach…

Arg… so this will be somewhat revealing of my personal nature, but oh well.

I posted a few days ago how the response to me linking some of my quick and dirty furniture resulted in somewhat less than laudatory responses on the Hirst Arts forum from several regular posters on that forum.

My initial reaction was a somewhat petty and snarky explanation that my goals have been more to create usable gaming material than it has been to create high quality items that would be suitable for dioramas or for entry into art contests.

But of course it stung. And because it stung, it has caused me to re-evaluate my approach entirely in terms of quality vs quantity.

I have gone through all of my miniatures, my terrain, my buildings, etc., and with this new focus on quality I am afraid that I must admit that I am very disappointed in the level of quality of the huge majority of my work.

Yeah, the vast majority of my stuff is perfectly usable for gaming. But it does look sort of sad at worst and somewhat cartoonish or repetitive at best. Many of my painted miniatures have blobs of different colored paint splattered on the bases, or bases that are unpainted entirely. Since I was using cheap poker chips for some of my bases, I am forced to realize that many of those minis now look like they are perched on cheap poker chips.

Now, it’s highly unlikely that I am going to be redoing bases or painting of over 1,000 miniatures, and I will eagerly use them in games with no embarrassment whatsoever, BUT, I think that my approach going forward is now going to shift much more from quantity to quality. I had already begun that shift with my miniatures, but my terrain is still very much in the “throw it together” realm. Or most of it is. But no longer. From now on my terrain is going to be focused on quality as well.

The subterranean cavern I built, I think, satisfies this “quality” approach, although of course I can always get better. The wizard’s tower, ruined tower and bridge also all satisfy those goals, so I’ve got some pretty good stuff already. However, many of my huts and furniture and wagons do not. So I’ll be thinking about what to do about that. For example, I’ve got a bunch of tables I’ve made, but they are all sort of cheesy. Do I use what I have or do I take the time and trouble to create a high-quality table (or tables) and then use them to make a mold and cast dozens of them?

Same for bookshelves, wagons, etc…. Sigh. I suppose having open ended activities which constantly improve the quality of my collection is a good thing from a hobbyist perspective, but it also leaves me feeling somewhat daunted by the amount of work needed.


2 thoughts on “Re-evaluation of goals/approach…

  1. You shouldn’t let internet trolls affect you. It should be about your enjoyment rather than pleasing people who can hide under anonymity. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve the quality of your work, but make sure you are doing for yourself, rather than people you don’t even know.


  2. Well, it is for my own satisfaction. I won’t claim that it isn’t in part because of the comments, because it’s true that the comments have definitely caused me to re-evaluate goals. But on the other hand, my approach for both miniatures and terrain was to build some sort of critical mass of each in terms of quantity, and then to focus on quality. I had already reached that point with miniatures, my work is now more focused on quality than quantity. This is just getting me to the same point with terrain a little more quickly than otherwise. That’s part of the re-evaluation I went through the last few days. I may have been nudged (or kicked) by the comments, but in reality they are right. My stuff needs to be better, and it’s time to start focusing on quality now.

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