One-shot Wizard Tower campaign

Since our “regularly scheduled” (in quotes because it never follows a schedule and is never regular) session this week was not possible due to poor attendance, I am running a one-shot session that is a sort of “Celebrity PC Death match” session.

The challenge will be for two level 8 characters to protect a small town from a sudden influx of undead that seems to be associated with the recent appearance of lights and movement within the bounds of an old tower outside of town. The local authorities who have hired the two characters have assumed that the tower has been inhabited by some magic using individual who is harvesting corpses from local cemeteries for some possibly nefarious purpose.

So that will be tonight’s activity. One mysterious caster vs. two heroic adventurers…


4 thoughts on “One-shot Wizard Tower campaign

  1. Well, hopefully it will be some comfort to you to know that Quorli the necromancer will put the remains of your characters to good use in furthering her ambitious plans of conquest. šŸ™‚

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