Dollar stores and Christmas cheer

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Time to buy lots of dirt cheap stuff for your gaming sessions.

Every Christmas I find lots of really amazing and cheap gaming stuff. And of course dollar stores are always a great place to find some cheap useful stuff for gaming.

So, for example, I found some Spiderman Lizard miniatures from the latest Spiderman movie. They are pretty great miniatures which will work for several potential RPG monsters. For only a buck it’s a great miniature and I will almost certainly find a way to work it into my games.

Plus we found a hobby store that sells dozens of pewter miniatures for prices ranging from fifty cents to a couple bucks. Some of them are typical fantasy figures like dragons, ghosts, knights, bowmen, etc. Others are great miniatures of furniture or animals. In the end I spent about $30 on several miniatures including the ghosts and dragon and a “Robin Hood” miniature that will work perfect as a halfling archer. I got quite a few furniture pieces that I can use including a witch’s cauldron, a wood stove and some chests of drawers.

Last year I bought a bunch of cheap diorama evergreen trees for just pennies on the dollar in after-Christmas sales.

I will try to take some photos of this stuff later, I’m just too lazy to do it tonight. But I did want to remind my gaming buddies that now is probably the best time of year to get some great deals on some usable gaming miniatures and terrain. Well, now and the weeks after Christmas when stores are dumping their inventory.


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