+1, adamantine, flaming tiger’s teeth

So I am going to see if my next GM for my next campaign involving my level 9 druid will allow me to have my tiger’s teeth turned into masterwork adamantine teeth and then enchant them with a +1 enhancement bonus and add the “flaming” enchantment on top of that.

Anyone here see a problem with this?

Just think of the awesomeness of a roaring pouncing tiger with flaming fangs coming at you.

That’s gotta be some serious awesomeness….

8 thoughts on “+1, adamantine, flaming tiger’s teeth

  1. I hope you are joking. Seems very impractical. Is this the tiger your druid turns into or an animal companion? I don’t think I would allow it. But we could talk.

  2. I’m not sure this can work…’masterwork’ and ‘natural weapon’ don’t go together as far as I am aware. As for enchanting them, I don’t think there are rules for enchanting natural weapons? You can get the enhancement bonus from Magic Fang, and use Permanency to make it permanent, so you can do at least 1 of the 3.

    And yes, it would be cool.

  3. LOL… OK, you CAN do this entirely within RAW if you give the tiger an “amulet of mighty fists” and then enchant the amulet… Maybe that’s what I’ll do… That way when the tiger gets killed by an over-eager GM, I can put the amulet on the next animal companion and just keep on trucking…

  4. ….unless the animal companion is hit with disintegrate, right?
    ….or dropped into a pool of molten iron?
    ….or sucked into the vortex of a raging, localized hurricane?

    Oh, and speaking of trucking…. how many animal companions would that be by this time? 😀

    ….and speaking of over-eager, I’m a big jerk!

  5. How many animal companions indeed? Poor Yleris.

    Her first AC was devoured by a giant crocodile because Yleris chose to save the party sorcerer, who had been grabbed by the OTHER giant crocodile.

    Her second AC was consumed by a shambling mound that the entire party managed to overlook in a darkened shed, and by the time the party realized what was going on, there was no wolf left.

    Her third AC was crushed by a hill giant’s club on a crit. A one-shot splatter that is the first AC that Yleris actually felt guilty about since she had sent the mountain lion into melee knowing a one-shot was possible. However, in her defense, there were four other melee targets available to the hill giant, so the odds weren’t greatly in favor of the AC being targeted.

    So she’s on #4…

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