The new Hirst molds

Yeah. New Hirst molds. Three of them. For my birthday/Christmas presents this year my main acquisition was the latest molds from Bruce Hirst’s “Castle Molds” company. These are the things in the mold:


The items in the mold are very tiny and highly detailed. They require significant casting skills to get workable results. Even my best efforts so far have had some of the items with bubbles that make them awkward or even unusable, but after five casts from each of the three molds, I think I’m finally getting some decent results.

The items in the mold are some of Bruce’s most clever work. He has carefully aligned the sizes of several of the items so that you can mix and match things in ways even Bruce hadn’t anticipated. For example, there are some wagon wheels that come in two halves. The diameter of the wheel is exactly the same as the width of some wooden planks, some small desks and a couple of other things. The result is that you can flip the wheel over (it has wood detail on both sides of the wheel) and insert a “leaf” in the middle so create long oval tables.

People on the Hirst Arts site are posting lots of clever things you can make with the new molds. I haven’t done anything yet but cast the molds. I’ll try to assemble and paint some stuff soon.


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