Cleaning up and getting organized (again)

I’ve posted before about the cleanup activities I’ve done in my office/game room. I am afraid that have to admit that I can be ridiculously disorganized and sloppy about some things, and my gaming room had been one of them. Then we decided to sell the house meaning I had to box up tons of stuff to “declutter” the house, which meant for several weeks my entire house was a mess of piles of stuff as we tried to decide what to keep, what to store and what to just throw out or donate.

Well, as of this morning the decluttering, painting and reorganizing of my office/game room is complete.

The above photo is of my trays full of cast Hirst blocks and my cases that I carry with me when I am running a campaign. Since I live far in the mountains I can’t run games at my house, nobody wants to drive this far to game. Anyway those are two rolling “drawer sets” each with seven drawers that are roughly 1’x1’x3″, and most of them are full. So roughly four cubic feet of Hirst Arts blocks. Once we get moved I’m going to be making stuff out of them. πŸ™‚

This photo is of the top shelf of the same closet my Hirst Arts blocks are in. The foam “block” in the center of the photo is actually a stack of about a dozen foam miniatures cases, each about 1’x2′ and of varying heights depending on what sort of minis are inside. Basically that stack has over a thousand miniatures. The plastic cases on each side either have more Hirst Arts blocks, uncased miniatures or raw materials for making terrain or miniatures. Two or three of the cases are literally packed full of my dragon minis.

It’s sort of nice having the room all cleaned up, but at the same time I know that my working on minis or terrain is probably going to be on hiatus until we get this house sold and moved to a new one… Sigh.

7 thoughts on “Cleaning up and getting organized (again)

  1. i have been looking at all of your minis dude, and i really love them
    you are an artist and have amazing talent
    if you ever dont need your minis ill buy them from you πŸ™‚

  2. Hello “thebuyer”… I appreciate the kind words you have posted about my miniatures. I think you are too kind though, I consider my minis to mostly be “playable” miniatures designed, made and painted to be played and enjoyed as opposed to being admired.

    No, they aren’t for sale. I worked too hard on them to sell them. But I can help you obtain similar miniatures at reasonable prices if you want to do a little work.

    • I really dont think my words are too kind, it is just how i felt when i saw them
      And i really have absolutely no talent whatesoever for that sort of thing , wish i did but i dont
      i guess ill never have minis like those 😦

  3. and by the way the way i am just saying that if in a few years your done and wnat some money for something else ill be willing πŸ™‚
    but that probably wont happen 😦
    i love minis and i love dragons so i will keep looking at all your new posts stil
    i was looking at all the ones from 2011 to now, your a great artist

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