Contemplating gaming in new house

Well, as of tomorrow we should officially have our house on the market. Our real estate agent feels confident that we should have it sold within 90 days. I hope so, we really do need to move. The commute is just killing us. One hopefully positive aspect of moving is that I’ll be able to host game activities in my own house instead of always going to someone else’s house. So I’ve been contemplating what that means. Of course that means my mind tends to think of stuff like this:



14 thoughts on “Contemplating gaming in new house

  1. Not nearly enough buyer, not nearly enough.

    Mostly RPGs, right now mostly Pathfinder. But I’ve played other RPGs as well, and I do just enjoy making them too. In case it wasn’t clear from browsing through this blog, in the last year I’ve mostly moved to making terrain now instead of miniatures. I’ve got (I hope) plenty of miniatures. I make one every month or so just to fill in a gap, but most of my “making stuff” time for gaming is now making buildings, caverns, ruins, etc.

  2. and one more thing, hypothetically, totally not real, in my imagination only, how much would you full collection of figures or at least most of them be? (again, just curius, not making any offer,(yet!) wondering because i just want to know, totally just a question)
    i hope this question does not sound rude, i really am just curious and amazed with your work.
    where do you live to buy toys for so cheap, what kind of hobbyshop do you go to i have to pay like 40$ at mine to get ten minis
    and thats unpainted un-made .
    well please answer soon.

  3. Buyer, I have to admit I have a suspicion that you are having some fun with my site, but I’ll play along…

    Last time I estimated the number of usable miniatures I had, it was around 1,200 miniatures. My best estimate is that I have around $500 – $600 invested in miniatures. Here’s about how it breaks down:

    400 or so used “Mage Knight” minis I purchased in bulk off of eBay for about $100
    400 or so plastic unpainted miniatures I purchased from Taiwan for about $160. I painted all of these in a two week painting sprint.
    100 or so game miniatures, mostly D&D miniatures I purchased used from a local gaming store for prices ranging from $.50 to $30 (dragons are expensive) – total of these was probably $150
    The rest are miniatures I’ve picked up at the dollar store, miniatures I’ve made out of Sculpey polymer clay or epoxy putty, or else have “frankensteined” out of bits of animal or dinosaur parts from packs of toys I bought at the local “US Toy” for prices ranging from a few pennies to about a dollar per miniature.

    Though now that I think about it, I’ve got a few high quality dragon miniatures that probably cost $30 – $50 each, so bump that overall price up another $150 or so just for dragons…

    My “favorite” miniatures tend to be the ones I sculpted or frankensteined myself. I’m not very good, and I particularly suck at hands and faces (just as I do when I draw) but some of my custom miniatures have come out halfway decently. Or so I think.

  4. wow thats awesome, didnt know you had so many, my favorite of your minis are yur dragon ones, and i dont understand how you can use so many hundreds of minis in one game.

    the buyer

  5. and of course i am having fun with your site, i love looking at your minis and imagining what kind of a beutifull game could be played with htem šŸ™‚

  6. and one more thing, i guess i would like to hear how to make such great minis as you, but i dont really have talent for crafts, and almost no money to spend.

  7. Buyer, you had previously asked what a “campaign” was. In the tabletop RPG genre a “campaign” is a series of encounters tied together by a story, driven by plot and following a theme. Generally there is a goal, but sometimes the goal is deliberately left vague. The current “campaign” I am running is one where the player party is trying to help save the world from an extra-planetary invasion. Previous campaigns have been as simple as saving a town from a goblin invasion, or as complex as restoring the extinct race of dwarves. Campaigns can run a few months to several years, depending on the complexity, the scope and the time the group can invest in playing.

    Now, of course I don’t use 1,200 miniatures in one encounter, one play session, or even one campaign. In fact it’s somewhat likely that a large fraction of my miniatures may NEVER be fortunate enough to be on the battle map. But that’s not really the point, the point of having the collection I have is so that my gaming options are not restricted by the miniatures I have, and that the game play is more interesting because I have actual miniatures to provide visual representation which enhances immersion instead of saying “OK, this nickel is a troll, and these pennies are orcs, and this peppermint mint is an ogre, let’s get started!”

    I do use a lot of miniatures though. Some of my miniatures are actual army units, so I’ve put dozens of minis on the table at one time to represent interacting armies. We use the concept of “factions” to organize our miniatures, and for each faction it is nice to have a large number of miniatures to provide variety and interest to the game. Common factions which I have fairly good numbers of miniatures for are:

    – Undead (skeletons, zombies, vampires, ghouls, etc.)
    – Goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins, orcs)
    – Human armies (I have three sets of 40+ human armies)
    – Elves (I have an entire army of elves, plus a lot of individual elves)
    – Dwarves (The same as elves)
    – Lizard-folk (If I include kobolds in this, I’ve got a lot)
    – Demons/Devils (I use these sort of interchangeably even though in game they are quite distinct)
    – Magical beasts (unicorns, pegasi, dragons, minotaurs, griffons, hippogriffs, etc..)

    Anyway, that’s not even a full list. I’ve got some factions that I don’t even really have named. Maybe a “fey” faction is an example with treants, druids, pixies, fairies, etc…

    Many of my posts on the subject of individual miniatures lay out my process for making miniatures. So you can go back and read through them. But I might put up another post about how I make miniatures. I have three basic techniques:

    1. I just buy them and paint them if needed
    2. I use polymer clay or epoxy putty to just sculpt my own
    3. I “frankenstein” them, meaning I take bits and pieces of animals or creatures and stick them together with my own sculpting included to make unique critters.

    That’s the basic stuff right there.

  8. well i know own thing, i would literaly do naything for those miniatures…
    but anyway, i myself have no ability to do miniatures like you do, if i did i would have done it by now…
    anyway other than that, i have a less impressive selection of miniatures, i have a very snmall elven army, no more than twenty men including the ones on horses and the others, i have about 40 LOTR uruk-hai that are in acceptable condtion, as well as easilly anotehr thirty bow-men rangers and dwarves. i have around, i would say around twenty lizard men, small and medium, and a few others i cant remember…
    i have two large beutifull toy dragons, one with ofur heads one with three, and i dont use any of it. the dragons arent miniatures, tehre just really nice toys from michael.
    anyway, i never use any of it and it just sits around collecting dust.
    im sure teh dragons and my other animals have potential, but i guess all those blank or badly painted miniatures will sit for a while. i would do something with them, but i cnat, i would end up wrecking all my stuff if i tried to make stuff with them.
    thats my miniature update.
    one more thing, i have one custom miniature, if you ahve ever seen the lord of the rigns movies you will know about the large elephants with the platforms, i madeone of those with popsicle sticks and a toy elephant.
    thats all i got šŸ˜¦
    about 100 minis total
    šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦
    they’ll never get used šŸ˜¦


  9. i also have a firey phoenix that has lost a wing, but it would be easy to fix, and it is pretty large, also from michaels

  10. i have recently begun to purchase warhammer 40k sets, and if you have any of these sets that i could trade or buy from you, that would be great, i really like them.


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