Still haven’t cleared out basement

So, my intention when we moved into the new house was to convert the basement into a gaming room/home office, with a permanent setup for my gaming supplies and a table ready to go for gaming.

Well, here’s a photo of my basement:


As you can see, I’ve still got a lot of boxes to unpack. Every weekend I say “This is the weekend I finally get the basement organized”. But something else always takes precedence (like the fact that we still have boxes in our bedroom, the kids bedrooms, the Cosmic Wife’s sewing room, and we still are not able to pull cars into the garage…)

Anyway, we are whittling away at the mess. Every week it’s a little bit better. It would help quite a bit if we weren’t at the same time adding new things to the house (mostly furniture) which just generates more boxes and junk that ends up in the garage, meaning more work to keep the garage at least somewhat cleared out enough to walk through it…


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