Gaming in the new basement

OK, no new photo for this post, just a quick comment about having gamed in the new place. Our group, in one form or another, has gamed in a lot of places. We started gaming in the conference rooms of our place of business after hours since we all originally worked for the same company in the same building. Jobs change though, and over time, as people left that job, we moved to the “Enchanted Grounds” for most of our gaming. But that ended up being a bit costly since we tended to buy stuff while we were there, and we ended up mostly gaming at one player’s house. That has been the default now for a couple of years.

Now with my table set up here and all my game stuff in the basement, I beleive we will move most of our gaming operations to my basement. There are advantages and disadvantages to this move.

– My basement is much, much smaller than the old basement
– My house is further back in the suburbs

– I have a bathroom adjacent to the gaming room
– I have a microwave and cooler also immediately accessible
– I have all my stuff here so I don’t have to haul it every time we play

Hopefully this will become a comfortable gaming environment for the group. It seemed to work OK for our first session.


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