Here is a photo of almost my entire collection of miniatures. It’s not quite the entire collection because I don’t have my “carry around” boxes of minis included, I didn’t put all my regular animal minis and it doesn’t include my currently active PC minis. But it’s probably 90% or more of my minis:

They pretty much cover my gaming table from one end to another.

My goal in pulling them out of their custom foam cases was to reorganize them to be more easily accessible during gaming. My foam cases are nice for long-term storage or moving from place to place, but they are a pain to deal with at the game table, and I really need something that I can quickly open, find a particular mini, and put it (or them) on the table.

But doing this has made me realize several things:

1. I have a freaking lot of game minis.
2. I have a freaking lot of crappy game minis.
3. I have relatively few nice game minis.
4. I need to paint all the bases on this thousand or so minis black, or do something so they don’t look like they are unfinished.
5. I need to figure out a way to store these that is both convenient for use and keeps them from being broken.

Any ideas?


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