The airbrush hood

OK, so I have been working on my airbrush painting hood. I’ve added some internal lights:

Here it is with the lights off:


And here it is with the lights on:


The dragon on the platform is a large sized dragon, one of the “Bones” miniatures I used the paint hood for the airbrushing and the lights for the regular detail painting.

Here’s a closeup:

The other side:

The fan is my next modification to the box. I will be adding a fan to pull air through the hood so I can paint even with more toxic paint thinners than water. I’ll probably get that done tomorrow night, then I’ll add a filter too.

I’m starting to think that making the hood out of foam core poster board was a bad idea. It feels like it needs to be more substantial now that I’m adding lights and a fan to it.

One thought on “The airbrush hood

  1. OK, I have installed the fan now. All I really need to do now is to tape the wiring up so that it looks more professional. That will make it a bit more sturdy too. Trying to decided if I want to put a bottom on the hood too. If so I’ll probably use some chipboard to make it as sturdy as possible.

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