Armored steamboat prototype

Yeah, this is not going well…

Here is the original material:

Here is the initial prototype with the three decks put together:

Here are the materials for the paddle wheel

Steamboat paddle wheel


Here’s the result:

Armored steamboat 1 Armored steamboat 2 Armored steamboat 3

There’s some decent stuff in here to work from. But it’s not gonna win any awards.

Another angle:





3 thoughts on “Armored steamboat prototype

  1. Where do I start? It’s too boxy, I need rounded corners, especially in front. The lowest deck needs to be longer. The paint job is terrible. The cardboard corrugations are visible everywhere. The ….

    Well, you get the picture. It’s just a prototype anyway. I plan on making the real one out of foam core poster board, which will look much nicer and be sturdier to boot.

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