Moving the game room…

Well, after bragging about what a great game room I had set up in our basement, we decided that we had a more important use for the basement (to give my son a place to do his own thing), so I am moving all my stuff into my son’s old bedroom, which I will turn into a craft/writing/home office room.

Some might remember that when we moved to this house a little over a year ago, we had to move from a much bigger house so everything got cramped. Since then I’ve added stuff to my collection of game equipment AND raw crafting materials. Plus I had all my books, guitars and telescope equipment down there too. So now it’s all crammed in this little room. My next project would appear to be to make this room work, and get it all organized. I think that will mean throwing out about 1/3 of all this stuff. Here’s some pics of the new room…

Room 1 Room 2I clearly have my work cut out for me…


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