Second dice tray

So I gave the first dice tray I made to Waddling Dragon who sometimes comments here, and is the GM of one of my currently active games. I already had planned to make a second, and I don’t need two… Plus I want to see if I can make making these easier and more consistent. Here’s the second result:

I think I like the first one better in just the warmth of the wood and the red seems more “casinoesque”. But I am pleased with this one for the most part. It was easier to make the second one, I wasted less materials and time. I also used actual wood stain, but I think I’ll go with a lighter stain if I make more of these. In terms of use, it seems a bit “cleaner” than the first one. I have a lot fewer touch-ups to try to clean up errors than I did on the first one.

Dice tray 2

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