Wood plank floor prototype

So this is just a prototype, I think the gaps between the boards longitudinally are too big, and there should be more gaps between the boards horizontally, but the basic idea is sound. When I get back from my writers seminar I’m totally going to make one of these for real, and then make a silicon mold and cast as many floors as I need.

plank floor sample


Upgraded barge

Yeah, I just couldn’t keep it that way…

Livestock barge2


Oh yeah, those Dwarvenforge pieces…

Here are the five boxes. They are pretty tightly packed. Based on this it appears that I have about as many of these as I do of either of my Hirst Arts dungeon sets.


Here’s a small cave I threw together from about 1/5 to 1/4 of the pieces.

Small cave

Still need to be painted, obviously. And I need to figure out how/where to store them. For right now my goal is to cram them back into their boxes somehow.


Dwarvenforge kickstarter cavern set arrived

Wow, two posts in one day.

Well, today my Dwarvenforge cavern set arrived from a kickstarter I helped fund about six months ago. With all the mess in my room here I can’t easily take a photo, but I’ll try to get one up by this weekend.

I had thought they were going to be gray, but they look more like a dark brown to me.


Dollar store find…

On a tip from the DM’s Craft forums, I went to the Dollar Tree store and bought these for $18.



The Doors!

Yeah, I’m a fan of 60’s psychedelic rock, but this is a more mundane sort of doors…


This is what I spent about eight hours in total this weekend painting and sealing….