My first 3D printed object

No, I didn’t buy a 3D printer. Although that’s still on the list of things to get. Our local library has a Makerbot that they let people print to. I downloaded this from an online 3D model repository and printed it out. The library also has a 3D scanner, which I’m going to use to scan something a week from today. Anyway, here’s the first thing I created from a digital file:



Wood plank floor prototype

So this is just a prototype, I think the gaps between the boards longitudinally are too big, and there should be more gaps between the boards horizontally, but the basic idea is sound. When I get back from my writers seminar I’m totally going to make one of these for real, and then make a silicon mold and cast as many floors as I need.

plank floor sample

Upgraded barge (again)

Was too heavy handed on the paintbrush last time…

Livestock barge3


Upgraded barge

Yeah, I just couldn’t keep it that way…

Livestock barge2


Swamp barge

Needed this for our Swamp campaign. It will be hauled by the riverboat I made a few months ago.

Livestock barge


Finally back to work on the ship

So, I have been lazing around too long since my surgery. I got off my butt tonight and worked on the ship some more. Here’s a couple photos of it, one with the decks stacked, and one with them laid out so you can see the interior.

Ship levels Ship stacked


Dollar store find…

On a tip from the DM’s Craft forums, I went to the Dollar Tree store and bought these for $18.