Made this for my wife for Christmas. She loves Tigger:



Yeah, I’m still alive.

Just a little thing I did from a friend’s doodle.
troll1_front painted
troll1_left side painted


Wow, long time since I posted last…

I’ve been busy writing. Not a lot of time for crafting or gaming lately. I’ll get back in the swing of things, just have to get this second novel written. 🙂


Writing blog now set up

I have created a writing blog for information or discussion about my book “Warrior”. Here is a link to TheWarChronicles.wordpress.com.


Warrior now available on Amazon.com

My first fantasy novel, “Warrior: The War Chronicles: Book I” is now on Amazon.com. Here is the blurb I wrote to describe the book:

The Testing Time has arrived. The world is falling into darkness. Lirak, a young forest-dwelling stone-chipper has become a pawn in the eternal battle of the Gods. Born of an outsider mother, feared by superstitious villagers, distrusted and resented by his own brother, Lirak must fight back an invading army while learning how to control the destructive powers that boil inside him. Lirak’s path from simple stone-age villager to heroic warrior is only the first part of a much longer and more dangerous journey.

And here’s the final cover and map:

Warrior Cover w text

Final Map9


Happy New Year!

I don’t know what this new year will bring. Laid off and trying to start a new career as a writer might mean more or less for this blog. Hard to say. One thing is for certain, I’ll be busy.