Turning the tables

Here’s some other tables. First is a pretty much failed attempt to do something clever and easy. I made a wide cylinder of paper for the table “legs”. (Dipping it in varnish turns the paper into a sturdy plastic like material.) It was every bit as easy as I thought it would be, but I don’t like the look of the result. I suppose you could argue that they might work as bar tables…

These are the “final result” of the exercise. The legs are not nearly as involved and time consuming as the legs on the first prototype. But they are still pretty sturdy. Should easily be sturdy enough for game play. Some of the glue dried a little off-kilter though, I need to pay more attention to how the legs are situated when they dry. Still, not bad I don’t think.

Huh… it’s odd. All of these tables are very close to the same height, but for some reason the second photo the tables look a lot taller. That’s some sort of optical delusion folks… They aren’t that much taller.


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