First here is an unpainted sculpey clay low stone block wall.

And here is a similarly low natural stone wall made out of pebbles.

I need to use more pebbles and make the wall thicker to have more coverage and hide the glue better. But overall it seems to be a potentially successful technique. Basically I just got a handful of pebbles, squirted a bunch of elmers glue all over them, and then rolled them around in my hand like a snowball until the glue was all over the place, then I sort of mashed them together on some wax paper…


2 thoughts on “Stonewalling…

  1. Two thoughts:
    1) I would like to see more of this first-hand, of course! When do we get to play with more of this? šŸ™‚

    2) I would like to see them worked into some nice combat scenes for the blog. You know, “action shots!”

    3) Ok, I lied, two thoughts is too few. Everything looks great, especially the “natural” elements, imho.

  2. I need to improve the natural stone wall… One technique that is recommended is to mix kitty litter with glue or plaster of paris. You have to paint it, but it’s cheap and it has a very nice stone look. Or so they say. I dunno how good it is, I have enough pebbles and rocks to not use kitty litter for now…

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