History of miniature making

Here is a photo of almost all of the game miniatures I’ve ever made myself from scratch:
(Caveat, three of these miniatures have wings I cut off from a Halloween bat, but all the rest is my own work)

Homemade minis

Here are three of the first minis I ever made. I was just starting a campaign and needed some goblins and kobolds. I made them way too big, and I didn’t even pretend to go for artistic merit. I just made some stuff I thought would be more recognizable than pennies or pawns of some sort:

First Minis

At around that same time, I made this dragon, which has never been used in a game:

First dragon

I did manage to get better, but even today I am using these minis for PCs in actual games:

PC Minis

And here is a rare example of me TRYING to be decent. A Babau demon:

Babau demon mini

So, you see, I suck. But I have a lot of fun, and a lot of minis. Almost all of these are made of Sculpey clay, but some are made from various epoxy putties.

3 thoughts on “History of miniature making

  1. Neat. I think the beholders you did recently are among your best work. I also really like the figure with the wild blue hair. I’ve thought about sculpting some of my own figures but so far I’ve only done some slight conversion work.

  2. I realize now that I did not really clarify the reason for this post. This isn’t (or isn’t entirely) me saying “look at my stuff!” It is more about trying to encourage others to create things because it truly does not require any special skills that you can’t develop if you enjoy the activity. And there is a lot to enjoy even when the skills are lacking. That’s what I’m trying to say. I think.

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