Elania 2: Session 8

I have to apologize for not posting this months ago. Yes, months ago. It’s been that long since our last session, what with me moving, people going on family vacations and one of our team being in the hospital for some surgery.

So, this will be a much less detailed post since I am going from memory that is somewhat ragged and faded.

This session began with the team resting after their encounter in the large cavern with the giant flying tentacled snake thing. After looting a hidden chest containing some sovereign glue and other stuff, they also contemplated a rather unusual find. A completely blank sheet of parchment which rather inexplicably radiated abjuration and divination magic when examined with “detect magic.” Although the party tried several ways to determine if the parchment was not blank, nothing they did succeeded in revealing any potential contents.

old cracked sheet of parchment in a grunge style

Malf dug deep into the recesses of his bardic memory and managed to dredge up an ancient rumor that the great wizard Ceorl had once created a spell which could hide any writing on paper or parchment. This caused the group to suspect that the paper might once have belonged to Ceorl. Gregor seemed convinced that uncovering the paper’s content might help locate Ceorl’s secret summer home, and then to locate the item that they had been sent to recover.

After resting and regaining spells, and wasting a few hours trying to tease some information from the parchment, the party continued along the cavern following the right-hand wall as they had been advised to do. After a few hours of hiking in the dark, they encountered a lone stumbling skeleton. Gregor quickly disposed of the skeleton, but they soon encountered another. Halmod suggested moving away from the wall, but that just brought them into contact with more skeletons. Soon it was skeletons and zombies and while the party had no problem disposing of the roaming undead, the increasing density of them convinced the party to return to the wall as before.

In short order they had left the undead minions behind, but then they noticed points of blue light ahead in the dark. Carefully moving forward they discovered that the blue lights were coming from small mushrooms emerging from the ground. Eventually curiosity got the better of them and someone touched one of the mushrooms, which immediately went out, along with several other lights nearby.

glowing mushroom

Unsettled, but undaunted, the party continued forward until they encountered a creepy looking pale greeen glowing stalk growing from the ground about even in height with Halmod the gnome. As they got close, the stalk turned a yellow color. Kugel suggested attempting to work around the thing, but as they moved away from the cavern wall, more glowing stalks were encountered. Finally the party simply walked up to the stalk, which turned red and emitted a cloud of choking dust.

But still the party decided to move forward, encountering more such bizarre sentinels but giving them a wide berth. Nevertheless, as they moved, more of the sentinels turned red. So the party was not surprised when they finally encountered the small army of mushroom men.


The ensuing battle was hard-fought on both sides. Some of the walking mushroom beasts emitted clouds of choking, debilitating spores which caused some members of the party to feel weakened. But in the end the party was able to kill most of the creatures and send the rest into a rout. As they did, all of the glowing mushrooms went dark.

The session ended for the night at this point.