My dragons

I just felt like taking a photo of all my completed dragons..

Only a few of these (five I think) are actual Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons miniatures intended for use as game dragons. The rest are dragons I have repurposed as game dragons Some of the biggest ones are Schleiss or other collectible dragons sold at hobby stores like Michaels. Many of the smallest ones are from a bucket ‘o dragons I got for Christmas from the “How to Tame Your Dragon” movie, and a considerable number are dragons I’ve made myself, either from scratch or from taking another animal and converting it into a dragon.

I’ve still got some I haven’t finished yet…


Glass cannons…

My character in the campaign I’ve taken to calling the “Kirinth” campaign is a ranger named “Kataar Tarrson”. This campaign is in the fourth edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Fourth edition essentially breaks down the party duties into specific “roles” and different classes can perform different roles. The roles are:
– Striker: goal is to do damage to the enemy.
– Controller: goal is to manipulate the action on the battlefield to gain an advantage.
– Leader: goal is to provide support, enhancement or healing to the party
– Defender: goal is to absorb damage and pull attention away from other party members.
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Gelatinous cube

So a commenter on the Paizo miniatures forum mentioned that he had purchased a “gelatinous cube” mini at a “convention price” of $30.


Here’s one I made using clear casting resin and some bits of miniatures I had laying around.

(By the way, this photo was color balanced.)

Of course this doesn’t match a professional cube, but I can make as many as I want!

Simple photography lesson

I used to be an avid amateur photographer. I learned all sorts of things about taking photographs. One of the things I learned was how different light sources created different color balances on film or on digital light sensors.

Apparently I forgot all that when I traded my cameras in for a guitar. Remember this photo?

Here’s how it should have looked:

I may go back and change all the other images…. or I may not. At least I know how to do it right in the future thanks to a poster on the Paizo miniatures board who gave me some much-needed constructive criticism.

3Oaks #22: Chthul Who? Is that a trademark violation?

Real-world date: October 18, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 22th

Moon phase: 7 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Rain, cooling temps.

The session began with the group again needing to rest and recover after their battle with the spellthief, warlock and goblins. The group made their way back to the room where they had encountered the bureaucrat. There they posted watch while the sleeping members of the group snoozed away in the back room.
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3Oaks #21: How’s a girl like you get to be a warlock like that?

Real-world date: October 4, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 21th

Moon phase: 6 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Rain, cooling temps.

When the session began the group had just finished healing up from their (undocumented) encounter with goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. After healing the group decided they had not used up too much of their powers to continue on, and so they began to move forward to see if they could locate and rescue Belvin’s brother Jorje.
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3Oaks #19: Goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears oh my!

Real-world date: sometime in the summer, 2007
Hanorian date: StockTend 21th

Moon phase: 6 days past Full.
Season: Late summer
Weather: Rain, cooling temps.

What a mess… I have not updated these files for months due to a combination of too much going on in my “real” life and too few playing opportunities (twice since June and it is now October).
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