Druid conversion to Pathfinder from 3.5…

One of my all-time favorite RPG characters is my currently 7th level female druid named “Yleris.” Yleris is a custom race that I worked with the original D&D 3.5 GM on. She is the magical child of a male elf and a female dryad, brought into this world as a special prayer by the dryad to mother nature herself. As a half-dryad Yleris is not tied to an oak tree, although she suffers certain penalties for having been removed from her grove. As part of the original campaign plot her grove (including her mother dryad and mother oak tree) had been destroyed by raiding goblins and humans.

Well, time goes on and we mostly play Pathfinder now instead of D&D 3.5, so I am in the process of converting her into a Pathfinder druid.

The problem is that Pathfinder druids are not nearly as flexible as 3.5 druids were. Yleris, due to her dryad heritage, is a rather unusual druid anyway. Instead of focusing on summoning creatures to fight for her, or wildshaping into insanely powerful animal forms and charging into melee, she has always followed her dryad upbringing and has been essentially a bow-based ranged combat fighter, when not casting spells. This works out pretty well in 3.5 because there are a lot of ranged ray attack spells that druids can use, so her ranged bow attributes, items and feats can be used with her ray attacks, making her a very effective ray-based artillery combat character. Probably too effective actually.

In core Pathfinder druids get virtually NO ranged ray attack spells, so her combat effectiveness will drop dramatically after the conversion.

However, I am attempting to work with the two GMs in whose campaigns she operates to see if I can come up with a specialized dryad-based druid archetype that will restore some of her ranged combat effectiveness.

My initial idea is to have her be able to cast certain wizard/sorcerer ray attack spells, but give up certain druid spells in return. Or perhaps give up her wild shape ability in exchange for the ray spells. In the end she would retain her uniqueness and would continue to be true to her concept, but eventually these sorts of changes might make her so different that she may not be recognizable as a druid at all…

I’ll let you know what the final resolution of this conundrum is…

More Dragon Abyzarran versions

This may be the most effort I’ve ever put into a paint job. And for little result I think. I painted each segment of the dragon a different color and it ended up just looking like a candy cane or something. Oh well, I’ll make this a “poison dragon” I suppose…

This one photographed strange. I couldn’t get it to balance right and the red paint appears to be strangely transparent for some reason. It doesn’t look like that to my eyes. It actually came out pretty nice.

The Cyclops Abyzarran… the head had major casting flaws and instead of casting a new head I just went with this, glued the bits to some sculpted clay and for some reason I just ended up with a one-eyed dragon… No idea what that means. It looks pretty cool though.

Dragons, dragons, dragons…

Well, I apologize for the long time between posts lately. Been busy.

One thing I’ve been doing is making copies of a dragon miniature I have. I made a mold of the nine separate parts of the dragon and have been casting copies busily. So far I have seven copies of the dragon, two in clear resin, three in white plastic and two in beige resin. I’ll post a photo tonight.

The casting process is difficult, and I’ve not yet had a perfect cast. I need some less viscous casting material so that I can get it to flow into all the nooks and crannies of the mold. I ordered some “super low” viscosity casting fluid last night, so in a week or so I hope to have some more complete casts. However, I have been patching up the casts so that I can make workable dragons and as I said, I have seven of them now. I intend to paint them different colors, or in the case of the clear ones, to make ice dragons out of them. Mostly for the ice dragons I’m just going to do a very slight blue wash and then some very light white drybrushing to try to bring out the details while not obscuring the clear resin. I’ve tried that before with an ice troll and the results were horrible, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do a slightly better job this time.

I did finally replace the battery in my camera so I have no excuse any longer for not taking photos… Will post some tonight.